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Discover, Engage, Inspire: Our Signature Events


The Chief Guest
Prof. (Dr.) Mridul Hazarika


Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya, Assam



Executive Vice President, Skilling

Wadhwani Foundation


Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Jadavpur University


Principal Scientist

CSIR-NE Institute of Science and Technology

Guest of Honor

Dr. T. Radha Krishna

Professor Emeritus
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Events @ RC24

Participate in our two-day event, offering an exclusive platform for participants to showcase their research endeavors through compelling poster presentations, technical talks, and product demonstrations. Seize the opportunity to network and engage with fellow researchers, fostering connections in a single, collaborative space. Don't overlook the invaluable insights shared during exclusive talks by Eminent Academicians and industry professionals. This is the event where expertise meets inspiration!

Poster Presentation

Uncover the essence of pioneering research through our Poster Presentations at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Engage with visually compelling displays showcasing innovative projects and findings spanning technology, sustainability, and interdisciplinary studies. This succinct format provides a unique opportunity to absorb key insights, fostering collaborative discussions and exploration. Join us in this dynamic presentation format that encapsulates the essence of diverse research domains, creating a platform for interactive knowledge sharing and discovery.


Discover cutting-edge research through concise and impactful Technical Presentations at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Explore innovative projects and findings across technology, sustainability, and interdisciplinary studies, offering a firsthand glimpse into the forefront of research. Join us for a dynamic showcase of technical prowess and collaborative knowledge exchange.

Product Demonstration

Here, participants can proudly display their hands-on work, whether it's groundbreaking products, innovative projects, or patented creations. Dive into a closer look at these real-world applications of cutting-edge research and development. You'll have the chance to interact with tangible displays and see firsthand how academic endeavors translate into practical solutions. This event is all about connecting the dots between theory and reality, fostering collaboration, and sparking inspiration for future breakthroughs. Join us for a lively and engaging session that brings the academic world into the realm of everyday applications. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the concrete outcomes of research in a dynamic and accessible setting.


Immerse yourself in the latest advancements with our Technical Lectures at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Renowned experts will unravel cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and interdisciplinary breakthroughs, providing valuable insights for enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals alike. Join us for concise and enlightening sessions that promise to be a cornerstone of learning in the dynamic world of research and innovation.

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