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Bridging Boundaries & Igniting Innovation

February 28-29, 2024



The  National  Institute  of  Technology  (NIT) Meghalaya  is  one  among  the  thirty  one NITs  in India  established  under  the  NIT  Act  2007 (Amended 2012) of the Parliament of India as Institutes  of  National  Importance  with  full funding support from the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

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About Research Conclave

Welcome to the 5th Research Conclave 2024 at the National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya—an intellectual rendezvous where innovation, inquiry, and collaboration converge. This prestigious event serves as a platform for scholars, researchers, and academicians to showcase their cutting-edge work, exchange ideas, and foster interdisciplinary discussions. With a commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing contemporary challenges, the Research Conclave at NIT Meghalaya stands as a beacon of academic excellence, providing a dynamic space for the exploration of groundbreaking research across diverse disciplines. Join us in this celebration of intellectual curiosity as we delve into the frontiers of knowledge and push the boundaries of innovation.


Explore a diverse array of research disciplines at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. From technology to sustainable development, our program fosters interdisciplinary dialogues and showcases innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. Engage in cross-disciplinary discussions and contribute to the collective progress of various fields. Join us for a brief but impactful exploration of knowledge and discovery.

Thematic Areas

Embark on a research odyssey at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya, where thematic areas span cutting-edge technology, sustainable development, and interdisciplinary studies. Delve into the forefront of research, engage with experts, and contribute to impactful discussions. This event serves as a dynamic platform for researchers to showcase their work, fostering collaborations that drive meaningful progress. Join us in shaping the future through exploration and innovation.

Organizing Committee


Prof. Pinakeswar Mahanta
Director, NIT Meghalaya


Dr. Manideepa Saha

Dr. Koushik Das


Dr. Arpita Nath
Dr. Rajat Subhra Das
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gautam

Student Members

Mr. Dip Kumar Biswas
Mr. Shreerudra Pratik
Mr. Shubhamshree Avishek




The Chief Guest
Dr. Nirvik Banerjee


Executive Director

Steel Authority of India Limited

Event #1  

Technical Lectures

Immerse yourself in the latest advancements with our Technical Lectures at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Renowned experts will unravel cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and interdisciplinary breakthroughs, providing valuable insights for enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals alike. Join us for concise and enlightening sessions that promise to be a cornerstone of learning in the dynamic world of research and innovation.

Event #2  


Discover cutting-edge research through concise and impactful Technical Presentations at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Explore innovative projects and findings across technology, sustainability, and interdisciplinary studies, offering a firsthand glimpse into the forefront of research. Join us for a dynamic showcase of technical prowess and collaborative knowledge exchange.

Event #3  



Uncover the essence of pioneering research through our Poster Presentations at the Research Conclave 2024, NIT Meghalaya. Engage with visually compelling displays showcasing innovative projects and findings spanning technology, sustainability, and interdisciplinary studies. This succinct format provides a unique opportunity to absorb key insights, fostering collaborative discussions and exploration. Join us in this dynamic presentation format that encapsulates the essence of diverse research domains, creating a platform for interactive knowledge sharing and discovery.

Come Join Us

February 28-29, 2024 

National Institute of Technology Meghalaya

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